Rob Charlton

Rob Charlton

CEO Space Group

Keynote Title: The Value of a Digital Twin in the Property Sector

Rob is Chief Executive of Space Group which now includes Space Architects, BIM. Technologies, bimstore, CAMPUS and Volula. He was also instrumental in establishing BIMSHOWLIVE along with

Under Rob’s leadership, Space Group has focussed on improving the construction lifecycle through their BIG BIM framework. He is passionate about improving value and performance of buildings and how technology can be used positively in design construction and operation.

Robs approach is first and foremost a practical one. He has operated as an architect for over 20 years and brings this knowledge and experience to the strategic direction of each business within the group.

He initially became interested in three-dimensional parametric software in the late 1990s and helped Space Architects to become one of the first architectural practices in the UK to work solely in 3D.

BIM Technologies and bimstore were established in 2010 in response to a growing requirement for BIM services in the UK. More recently he has helped establish CAMPUS which is encouraging young people to enter the construction sector.


Keynote Abstract

There is much hype about using Digital Twins in the built environment. Following 10 years of adoption of Building Information Modelling and digital transformation of construction the use of a Digital Twin is now a reality.

However, whilst there is excitement about the technology there is a risk the problem we are trying to solve is not clear.

Digital Twins are a digital representation of the physical with a purpose to improve business outcomes.

Rob will set the context and discuss new technologies can optimise how we use buildings.